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Do I Smell Like Curry?


Don’t act like you’ve never had this problem. We’ve all been there…

You’re in your bedroom getting ready to go out with your friends or to work or maybe school (notice I did not say “date” :P), and then the disarming stench of masala seeps through your vents. At first you think it could be you. You sniff your shirt to double check, but it smells like the fresh meadow your detergent promises it will smell like. And then you realize your mom is downstairs frying onions.

You just washed your hair, so it’s especially vulnerable to absorbing other scents. Why must your mother always cook right after you get out of the shower?! Its not fair. You aren’t a smelly person. You shower regularly, wear perfume, use mouthwash, but you’ve never been able to beat the overbearing stench of…“Indian.” You’re in trouble. But not today. You brace yourself, dousing your outfit in the strongest Bath and Body works spray on your dresser. And then you open your bedroom door.

It’s worse than you thought. The entire upstairs stinks like that one brown girl in your English class. You run to your car as fast as you can but can’t avoid running through the massive stink cloud in the kitchen. Your mom stops you to taste what she’s making. She shoves a spoonful of daal into your mouth, but you don’t let this stop you. You’ve got a purse full of mints and a full pack of gum in your glove compartment. You can do this.

Somehow you make it to your car in record time, and before you know it you’re cruising down the highway jamming to Suit & Tie. And then you smell it. You grab your hair and pull it across your face and inhale it like a madwoman. It’s not your hair. It’s the orange daal stain on your new blouse.

Well, that was my day. How was yours?

Moral of the Story: Don’t stop to smell the Indian food. It’s not worth it.

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