My summer bucket list

I know this has nothing to do with Islam/being Muslim but my goal is to have a summer full of awesomeness. and when you have a goal, you’re more likely to achieve that goal when you write it down…or something like that.  I know these aren’t the most exciting things ever, but their experiences everyone should have, and I never set aside time to do them. So I’m doing them now. (Lame, I know)

So, without further ado, mine, and quite possibly your, summer bucket list.

1. Drink something colorful and fruity out of a mason jar while watching the sunset.

2. Chase a rainbow.

3. Go on a roadtrip and take a picture next some sort of oversized household object.

4. Take the perfect sunset picture.

5. Fry an egg on the sidewalk.

6. Bake cookies in a hot car.

7. Get chocolate wasted.

8. At least two random acts of kindness (good ones, not random stuff like donating money)

9. Stay up to watch the sunrise.

10. Carve mine and my best friend’s name into wet concrete…or a tree. But that would be rude to the tree. 

11. Learn the cups song from pitch perfect

12. Think of four more things to do.

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