Over the weekend I went to my cousin’s bismillah. In case you dont know what that is, its the big celebration you have when you start reading the Quran. Now, if you’re Hyderabadi, then you know that your bismillah is basically your practice wedding. I know in my last post I said I hate weddings, but I actually love bismillahs.

I think its because a bismillah is like a really tiny wedding that only includes people you actually know (and no one actually gets married). Theres also no awkward run-ins with random people, no boring speeches, and no huge rush to the buffet. But its pretty much a wedding. The kid either looks like a tiny bride or a tiny groom, which is friggin adorable, and all their little cousins stand with them, then you get to hear them say surahs in their adorable high pitch voices and everyone is just so happy.  I think that’s why I like bismillahs. Everyone is happier. Maybe because it’s less stressful.

Its like, people critique the fudge out of weddings because its like, well you know, its a wedding. You get compared to every single wedding before yours and people will openly criticize your decorations or ceremony while they are their. But no one ever criticizes a bismillah. Maybe its because its more religion centered, or maybe its because theyre not as common. Either way, everyone is like “oh mashallah!” And they’re just really happy.  Nobody is happy at a wedding. (At least, not me.) 

Moral of the story: bismillah > wedding

2 thoughts on “Bismillah

  1. You’re a brilliant writer! The moral of the story made me laugh, your blog posts really do brighten up my day. Is that sad? I think so, but never mind.


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