My Awkwardness

Why I Can’t Get My License

I am an awkward duck. I was destined to be an awkward duck.


No seriously, I’m beginning to think I am the epitome of awkward. Like, forget failing the driving test. I can’t even get in line at the DMV without feeling nauseous.  Why am I telling you this? I dunno. I think I’m taking this whole “diary” thing too literally.

Well, anyway,  I’ve tried to go to the DMV three times already. I chicken out every time.  So now I am sitting on my couch laughing to myself about how I’m still going to be an unfortunate fool without a driver’s license when I am a ninety year old woman.

But that’s okay. I plan on being really rich in the future and having someone chauffeur me around everywhere. 

Seriously though, I got a problem. I get nervous really easily. Like, cripplingly nervous.  I can drive just fine. But if you tell me I’m about to take a test, I start shutting down. This applies to doctors visits and school as well. Seriously why am I even talkin about this? This blog is turning into like…a record of all my embarrassing moments. Oh well. Its not like the internet is forever or anything. 

Moral of the story: if you ever see me driving….I’m sorry. We should just exchange insurance info right now to save time.

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