My Awkwardness

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna

Eid Mubarak!

I know its a little late for that but I didn’t have time to blog since Ramadan ended. But I’m gonna be blogging a lot from now on so get used to it!

I was looking through my posts from the past month and they are just awkward and depressing. Imma get awkward and happy now, mkay?

So the night before eid my friend came over for a mini chand raat….thing. The whole idea was for us to hang out one last time before we leave for college….and for me to do her mehndi. That last part didn’t work out too well. I’ve only ever put mehndi on myself…once. It didn’t suck. In fact, I got a lot of compliments on it.

But then I realized its waaaaay harder to do it on someone else than it is to do it to yourself (That’s what she said). First of all, my hand was shaking. I do NOT have a steady hand. Second, I knew that this would go horribly horribly wrong, which made it worse. Long story short, I did not do her mehndi. What ended up happening was we grabbed two mehndi cones and sat on my bed trying to do a design on ourselves. It was awkward and slightly amusing, like our friendship.

Also, I attempted to make my own mehndi. It was moderately successful, but I didn’t use it because I’m dumb. I practiced with a little of it on my wrist, and it actually stained darker than the pre-made cones. But that didn’t really matter because I suck at doing mehndi. Anyway, my sister’s friend is awesome at mehndi and she was nice enough to do mine for me.

[Picture coming soon]

Moral Of the Story: Don’t mess up your friend’s mehndi. Dats just rude.

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