What The Fox Say!?

I can’t even.

Have you seen this video? It’s terrible. Horrible, really, but what’s even worse is the fact that I’m in love with it. The lyrics make absolutely no sense at all, and the video itself is creepy and poorly done. And I still love it. As much as I like to believe I am of superior intellect, this song makes me think otherwise. I thought I was too smart to give into the novelties of Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake, but like Psy and Baauer, Ylvis has proved me wrong.

Its just So. Damn. Catchy.

It makes me feel better to think that Ylvis is secretly a genius band that somehow managed to tap into that part of American’s brains that have a natural affinity for dubstep and weird noises. But then I realize that we’re all just idiots falling for the media’s clever ploys to take advantage of our own stupidity while testing our limits. But really, America has no standards when it comes to music. We listen to anything here.

Moral Of the Story: Stupid people are easily entertained by other stupid people.

7 thoughts on “What The Fox Say!?

  1. I tried to hate it, but honestly, every time I watch it I laugh harder than the last time. It’s just so funny the sounds they make!!!


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