My Awkwardness

College Update: I Fail At Life

I hate learning. Let me rephrase that. I hate learning useless crap. I learned most of this stuff in highschool and I can’t pay attention to it now because its not new to me. Like math and English and economics. They already taught me this stuff. Its not interesting the second time.

The result? Procrastination. I’ve been slacking on my homework. I’ve been skipping math classes. Somehow I BS-ed my way through an essay but I have no idea whats going on in English. I didn’t do my math homework. I have no idea when my midterms are but I know they’re soon and somehow I can’t bring myself to care. I’ve been slacking with blogging too, not that anyone really cares about that.

I think I have residual senioritis from last year. I was fine for the first two weeks but now I’m always tired and bored and I don’t give a damn. I already gave up.

I’m in my math class right now, by the way. My friend and I are bored out of our minds, the teacher is blabbering on about asymptotes and we’re laughing at my squeaky chair like we’re a couple of bored eight year old boys in a school assembly.

Is this what adulthood is supposed to feel like? (Woohoo! Freedom!) The highlight of my day involves deciding what kind of chips I want from the vending machine. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the most human interaction I get is when I’m trying to avoid the creepy guy from my math class who insists on asking me about the homework everyday.

Moral of the story: College is not hard. Its just really freaking boring.

2 thoughts on “College Update: I Fail At Life

  1. omg! the feeling is mutual! I’m doing ACCA part 2 n failed 10000X b4. can’t seem to focus in class + its boring ZzZzZzZz. I’m thinking of taking another course……but dnt knw wht i want, n hv no direction in life. totally feeling like a looser rite now. urrrghhhh!!!

    well i hv to do something about it rite? cuz….definitely dnt wnna grw old like this.


  2. Welcome to the world of grownups where everyday is a mundane void of nothingness, and getting to choose what ‘chips’ or ‘crisps’ to have becomes the sole reason for getting up in the morning.
    Woo-hoo, go life! 😉


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