My Birthday Didn’t Suck This Year


Yup. I thought it was going to, but it didn’t. Cuz I have great friends. At exactly 12:00am my two favorite people texted me happy birthday. It felt nice to be remembered. And then school didn’t suck. I thought it was going to, but it didn’t. I didn’t really finish my homework, but it didn’t matter because the teacher didn’t collect the homework. And then I didn’t do so good on my math quiz, but then the teacher said he’s gonna drop our worst three quizzes. And for once my bus didn’t get stuck in traffic on the way home. I had a good day.

When I got home my mom and sister yelled happy birthday and it was dorky and embarrassing but nice. And my sister got me a bunch of stuff from the mall (a sweater and a scarf and perfume) and I finally got that thermos that I wanted so I could bring chai to school (I’m aware that I sound like a fob). Its just really nice to get gifts that I’d actually use for once. And then for dinner we got take-out Mediterranean food and cheesecake. My two favorite things.

Oh and my friend stopped by to give me flowers and cupcakes and chocolate….and a banana. Idk. She’s weird. But thats why I love her so don’t judge her for it.


6 thoughts on “My Birthday Didn’t Suck This Year

  1. Happy late birthday! sorry for being late, i just found out your blog.
    and my birthday? froze my butt off. got locked out of my house for some reason, and ended up scaling the roof. Oh yeah, never received a birthday present in my life. Most people are like, “Oh my god, really? That’s sad..” and i’m like, “Wait, am i suppose to get a present?” (Joke, not for real)


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