My Awkwardness

I Need a Man Friend

Before you start yelling at me and telling me I’m haram:

1. I do not currently (nor have I ever) had a man friend*.
2. I will not have a man friend until I get married, cuz  I am not a floozy (no offense).
3. This post is not about boys. Its about me being a normal, lonely, teenage girl and I can only hope that you can relate.

So, I feel like I’ve reached that awkward point in my young life where I need some sort of companionship. Don’t get me wrong, there are two things that I am NOT trying say. 1) I’m not trying to say that my friends aren’t enough 2) I’m not trying to say I’d like to do naughty things with a boy.

But…you can only get so weird with your friend before it crosses a line, and sometimes I wonder what its like to kiss a boy.



No seriously. I’m kidding. But its true though. You can have all the friends you want but sometimes you just want a…man friend. Someone to hold hands with, or watch a scary movie with. Someone to make you feel safe and not alone. Someone cute to stare at and just have feelings for. I think that’s it. I’d just like to have feelings for someone. I blame teenage hormones and cheesy movies. Or maybe its because I’m Muslim and I know I can’t have one, therefore I want one. Either way, as much as I hate people and don’t believe in love, I am a closet hopeless romantic. I daydream about bumping into a handsome, rich, man at the train station, or sharing a cab with him or meeting and falling in love with him in the cliche way that only a romcom can barely get away with.

Am I the only one who feels like this? I can’t be, right? I mean, doesn’t every girl just want someone to love them?

Oh my god.

That got so cheesy.

How did that happen? My blog is lactose intolerant.
Bad joke. I’m sorry.

This post is so embarrassing.

Moral of the story: I don’t want a boyfriend. And I will not be getting one any time soon. I’m just saying…the idea of a boyfriend is kinda nice. But I still think boys are gross. Because they just are.

*man friend means exactly that. Not quite a boyfriend, but more like a handsome companion type person who’s just there when you need him…like a dog…but a man.

9 thoughts on “I Need a Man Friend

  1. Those were my feelings on point for such a long time. My best friend has 2 or 3 guy friends she hangs out with in her math class so I feel extremely left out when she relates their antics later. I love her to pieces and don’t find fault in her for that. I feel so so so jealous of her. We both wear hijab but I’m very shy and quiet while she’s outgoing and talkative. I love me and my personality the way that I am but lately my self esteem is going downhill very fast because I’ve noticed that guys go the extra mile to always sit away from me and not talk to me and I’m starting to hate myself for it. I feel so terrible because I don’t have guy friends. I’m not sure why I want one either, its just the thought that I can’t have one hurts my female ego(you get what I’m talking about?). Lol I do the exact same thing you said about daydreaming about bumping into the perfect guy in random settings.

    Any advice on how to not feel horrible for not having guy friends and how to stop feeling jealous of my friend because she does? It’d be great if I could save the rest of my self esteem….


  2. You know I came across your blog God knows how many months ago and today I found it again. I love the way you write, as if the only thing you’re doing is letting your thoughts on paper (*ahem* the screen) without a care in the world. I remember when I used to blog like that, almost like an online journal. It’s different when you have many followers in a blog. Things really change. Then you don’t feel comfortable writing anymore. Stay blessed! And I read your hijab post: I don’t know if that wedding thing “keeping your hair down” thing was a joke but don’t worry, we all feel like that 🙂 I’m a full hijabi and I don’t plan on wearing hijab at my wedding inshaAllah (whenever that happens lol) but you can just have a segregated wedding. then you can dress up all you want without the hijab and have fun the halal way! Are you in high school btw? sorry lol I can’t tell. It’s just that you remind me of my high school self.



    I swear I’m like the England based Muslim version of you…

    Btw, I just stumbled across your blog, you have a new follower.


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