Things That Are Not Okay

Lately when things that I don’t like happen, I’ve found myself screaming “THIS IS NOT OKAY.” I wish I was kidding. But I’ve actually been doing it. I’ve also been yelling at inanimate objects, but that’s a post for another time.

Things that are not okay: 

1. When bananas have those stupid little strings on them. 


2. When people wear fedoras. 

This is what you THINK you look like in a fedora:


This is what you ACTUALLY  look like in a fedora:


3. Walking to the bus stop in the cold wind

4. When the bus leaves without you

5. Trying to write a three page essay one hour before your class starts

Also this:

6. When the printer won’t work

7. When someone you hate asks to sit next to you. Or someone in general. I just hate people. 

8. When your mom thinks she’s cool. 

9. When someone doesn’t understand when you’re being sarcastic.


10. When you have to pretend you like your dad’s cooking. 

And worst of all…

11. When you see something on the internet that you really didn’t need to see. 

Did this work? Gah. Gifs are so confusing. Also, I hate people who pronounce it like gif(t) instead of jif. Those people are dumb.

Also, I basically copied my homegirl’s last post, so you should check her’s out here:


And since this post was mildly crappy and I don’t have a moral, here are tiny platypuses wearing fedoras. Because they’re the exception.


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