My Current Obsessions

I’m just going to list them because who doesn’t like lists, right? 

1. The song Home by Daughter

2. Online Shopping (don’t judge me!)

3. Thor. Not the movie. Just his face. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence pre haircut

5. 2 Broke Girls

6. Kat Dennings

7. Jalepeno Kettle Chips

8. The Great Gatsby (I just freaking love this book)

9. Milk and Cookies at 2 am

10. hats

11. My best friend (it’s unhealthy and I’m not sorry)

12. Confessions Of A Shopaholic

13. The Shaytards, DailyGrace (YouTube in general)

14. miniature animals (including but not limited to: puppies, babies, and kittens)

15. …Netflix 

Well that was boring. But I warned you at the beginning of the month that it would be, so it ain’t my fault. 

3 thoughts on “My Current Obsessions

  1. For some reason my class watched Confessions Of a Shopaholic. All of the senior dudes in my grade were like, “dude this is so lame..”
    First of all, who says that?
    i read all of the books, and watched the movie.
    and yeah, i am also obsessed with 2 Broke Girls.


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