No, I’m not currently a hijabi. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. A lot. 

Yesterday I got the “hijab talk” from my parents for like, the third time. I know I definitely want to do it. I just don’t know when. And I don’t want to do it just because my parents told me to. I know a few girl’s who wore it because their parents forced them and they ended up taking it off. I don’t want to put it on, find out I’m not comfortable with it, and then take it off. 

I’ve thought about this enough to know that I’m not ready. I think I need to be a different place spiritually and emotionally before I wear it. I need to be more comfortable with myself first. I’ll admit I’m not exactly in the best state of mind when it comes to body image and I feel like that’s something I need to get over before I do anything else. I don’t want to be self conscious about how I look in a scarf. It’s not that I’m worried about how other people will look at me when I’m wearing it. It’s that I want to be more confident and be able to put it on and not worry that it makes my forehead look too big or makes my face look too round. 

I’d like to be in a different place spiritually, too. I’m not done doing stupid things, or swearing, or just screwing up in general. But if you looked at me right now you wouldn’t have any way to tell whether I was Muslim or not. The minute I put a scarf on the whole world will know. And then I’ll be an example whether I like it or not. And I want to be a better example than I am right now. 

Also, there’s one last reason that just makes me sound like an awful person but hey, it’s the truth: 

I want to be able to wear my hair down for my wedding. Judge me. 

12 thoughts on “Hijab?

  1. tbh i understand where your coming from that your not ready to wear hijab. But Hijab is fardh upon you to wear. Also even if your not ‘ready’ you should atleast take some steps into wearing it so that it could help you one day to wear it. By the way Hijab is not just the covering of your hair but your full body. Hijab should be worn with the right intention, to please your maker.


    1. I am not muslim. But I do know the story of how GOD our creator covered Adam and Eve. it happened because they both sinned. They both ate of the tree of science and they both lied about it, hid, and pointed fingers at each other…consicuently also blaming GOD. So, GOD cursed women to increase their child birth pains, and be submisive to their husbands as the husband need/have to be submisive to GOD. And , GOD cursed men to work from sun up to sun down and man shall sweat for their food and be unhappy, and will want a better life but man shall taste dirt in their mouths. Then GOD clothe them both. GOD said I will dress you of skin animal, I shall sew them for you. And you shall/have to wear it in this maner:

      WOMEN: cloth around your necks to your elbows to your knees. these are your nakedness that shall/have be covered of your sin.

      MAN: cloth from your belly button to your knees. This is your nakedness that shall/have to be covered of your sin.

      So says I AM YOUR GOD: I AM.

      This is not Jesus who spoke but GOD.


      1. P.S GOD also told women to cover their heads when we/women talk to him in prayer so that even the angels be a testimony of our faith and respect to our GOD. GOD also told us women than when we are in public and not yet married to wear our hair loose and without adornings. And when we married to cover it to respect our husbands as we respect GOD and IF only IF your husband shall break this …then you shall only wear it long an no adornings as to not bring attention to yourself because GOD will rebuke you.


      2. lol you’ve got your religions confused. you’re quoting Christianity! hahahaha! We Muslims don’t believe it was Eve’s fault, we don’t put all the blame on the women, we believe it was Satan and Allah does not punish women with child birth and pain; rather it is a mercy and a gift; when a women gives birth, she is as pure as her baby. All her passed sins are forgiven and she starts afresh. In Islam, every bit of pain a believer feels removes their sins but the gift of motherhood in particular is highlighted again and again.

        Also, we don’t believe a woman should cover in front of her husband. Quite the opposite in fact. And should he demand she removes her hijab, she should refuse his demand. Reason being? God – the creator – demands we wear it and it is God we must obey. The husband is not greater than God – he is a mere creation.

        Last point, hijab is not and never has been a punishment upon us. Hijab and general modesty holds so much beauty and respect in the eyes of the people, and more importantly in the eyes of our creator, God. It is a demand from God and it ensures my modesty. This thin bit of cloth that I wrap around my head each day empowers me as a women in this (and any) society. It demands that I am seen for my personality, my intelligence, my mind, my heart, my beliefs and NOT my body and not as an object of desire and certainly not to please other people. My blog is called “girl in the hijab”. There’s a poem about why I called it that if you click my name (poem called Girl In The Hijab too). I hope this helps in your knowledge. 🙂


  2. Oh, and if you’re scared of looking ugly, consider this: the average hijabi cakes on more makeup than the “haram” non hijabi for a reason. Just saying. Trust me, you don’t wanna see past some of these girls’ BB cream and foundation infested faces.


  3. I wear the hijab, but only because I’m not a big fan of my hair. That and because my mom would probably make me feel guilty for the rest of my life if I didn’t.

    Yeah, I’m a bad person.

    I put it on when I started college. It’s funny because more guys come up to me now than in high school. Everyone’s perception of me didn’t change. I dressed modestly before and I do the same now, just with an additional cloth on my head. Screw what people think. Your religion is a personal matter; if people need inspiration, they can look up to the saints and prophets. We know the stories about good people. Honestly, I was just as freaked out as you before wearing it, but you get used to it. It’s literally part of my body when I go out now. You don’t have to act all shy either once you wear it. I have really outgoing and confident hijabi friends. Just treat people well and you’ll hardly have any problems.


  4. It’s nice that you want to wait until you comfortable to wear it and not wear it because of your parents but for your own sake and in order to please Allah. But if you wait for that day when you are spiritually there…you might never get there…Shaytan will never let you, He will convince you, you aren’t ready until its too late, using your own logic because he knows how you think, I call it (Satan Jedi mind tricks). So you will only get there if you consistently pray to Allah to help you, do good deeds, and read the Quran, and the translation so you understand it, its inspiring, all the answers are there. And by doing this you will In Shaa Allah, you will please Allah, and Allah will grant you the best wedding and the best husband, and you may wear your hair down at your wedding, but just in front of your lady friends and your Husband.


  5. I know how you can get used to it. Try to wear it at home for 1- 2 hours. And then try to wear it in the hot weather. When you get used to wearing it at home, try wearing it when going to the masjid. And when you get used to THAT you’ll be ready to be a hijabi Insha-allah! Oh and it will take some time to get used to it!


  6. The question I pose to sisters who don’t wear the hijab is… if you were to face Allah SWT tomorrow and His command wasn’t filled for the hijab, how would you feel? As Khalid Yasin once said: “Dear sisters, one day, you will be wrapped around, fully covered head to toe, and lowered into your grave. Don’t let your last day on earth be the first day you wear hijab.”

    Think about it 🙂


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