My Awkwardness

A Boy Watched Me Sleep on the Bus

There’s this annoying kid in my math class who takes the bus with me sometimes. He always used to ask me about math class and walk me to my classroom when I got off the bus and it was the most awkward thing ever. And then one day he just stopped talking to me. And I was insulted yet relieved. But then today at the bus stop he sees me talking to this other guy (He initiated the conversation. Not me. I hate this guy too.) and then I don’t know if he felt left out or what be butted into the conversation and asked me about math (of course). So then I made polite conversation because I’m not a total jerk.

So then we get on the bus. And I don’t feel like sitting next to anyone so I go all the way to the back where there’s empty seats. My seat just happens to be behind this annoying kid, but I don’t worry about it and put my headphones on. And then I take a little cat nap. But what do I see when I open my eyes? HIM. He is turned around in his damn seat and staring at my while I AM SLEEPING. Who does that!?! (Besides Edward Cullen) And then we make awkward eye contact. And then he turns around and looks at me two more times.

Moral of the story: Maybe I should reconsider the whole hijab thing.

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