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Life UpdateThing….


I haven’t blogged in a whole month…I’ve been wanting to, but I think that daily blogging thing just sucked all the fun out of it for a while. Just so we’re clear, I am never every doing that again. It was awful and I wouldn’t recommend it.

But um yeah…here’s what’s been going on during my hiatus:

I took my final exams. They sucked and I failed Business Calc. Also, my mom insisted on coming with me to take my tests because she loves to embarrass me and treat me like a child. She didn’t trust me enough to go by myself because my tests were early in the morning and late at night. So I had to take my mom…alone…on the train…at night. As soon as we left the train station she tried walking up escalators going down, talking to a hobo, and hailing a cab. And then when we finally got to my school, I walked her to the library, made her sit down in a chair and told her not to move while I took my test…which I failed.  And then she took a bathroom break at the last minute and nearly made us miss the last bus back to the  train station.

AND THEN when we got on the train, there was some really annoying drunk lady who was talking on the phone and flirting with the conductor.

Other things that happened: I SAW CATCHING FIRE AND IT WAS AWESOME. And then TheTipsyElephant came over and we had fun and watched John Tucker Must Die. Jesse Metcalfe has a nice face….and a nice everything else. So yeah. We hung out after a long time and it was kinda awkward but I think that’s just cuz my grandpa was here and she was trying to not be obnoxious. We’re both awkward at each other’s houses. But in public we act like freaks so it balances out. But yeah, it was fun and I missed her so it was nice.

And then the next day was my grandpa’s birthday so we took him out for dinner. He was fine at first but I think he got a little sad because it was his first birthday since my dadima passed away. I think he still enjoyed himself though. We took him to his favorite Mediterranean speciality foods store and he talked to the owner and bought a turkish coffee cup set, and they gave us tea when we walked in. My sister thought it was disgusting but I drank mine to be polite. I prefer chai, though.

And then later that weekend was awesome because I got to see Sherfille and one of my other friends from middle school. We all went bowling and it was really fun and I lost both the games. I think we annoyed the family next to us with our obnoxious singing and dancing and… yelling (swearing). And then the three of us crammed our butts into a photo booth meant for one and a half people and it was just like old times. And then we went to Sherfille’s house and talked about life and ate cookies and brownies and goofed off. I love that whenever I hang out with these girls, even if we haven’t seen each other in months, its like none of us ever left. Its never awkward. And now that I know that these two chicks stalk my blog…HI GUYS. I LOVE YOUU. I MISS YOUR FACES. JIAH YOU NEED TO MAKE A BLOG….MKAY BYE.

Um..yeah. There was also a wedding yesterday, but that’s gonna be its own post. So…yeah. Das it. I’m gonna try to start blogging on a regular schedule again.

2 thoughts on “Life UpdateThing….

  1. It was actually entertaining when you and TheTipsyElephant blogged everyday. It always gave me something interesting to look forward to.

    Uhh hopefully your mom doesn’t know you failed that final, right?

    It’s great that you have friends from way back when that you don’t get awkward with. I only have one such friend.

    -dontsaymaybe (formerly chromseconds)


  2. hi. sorry about your test,,..and i feel bad how you wrote about your know like if i was a mom and my kid did that too me..sad. anyway i havent seen catching fire but now i have to see it!!! and Happy birthday to your grandpa!!! anyway yes, i like your daily blog posts but the regular routine it good too!!! ;P


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