sing sweet, nightengale

take two

Tick, tock, tick goes the coo-coo clock. 

It’s happening again, my mind rambling in a thousand different directions as I have this sudden urge to just talk, and talk, and talk.  And normally, I wouldn’t mind a good stream of consciousness spree but it’s 2:35 am and no one has the time or energy to listen to a college student speak utter nonsense when they could be happily sleeping. I could be happily sleeping.

Instead I’m sitting here, typing away every pointless thought that transfigures. Time check, 2:39 am. Not to mention, I need motivation to do my math homework. I don’t know why — I’m not doing what I’m supposed too. I’m blatantly avoiding it because – because  I don’t know. It’s that I don’t understand, I’m just not trying.  How do we fix that again?


Love, beauty, youth. What you want, what you need, what…

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