Well this is awkward.

Hi. I’m baaaaaack. Didya miss me? Of course you didn’t. But now I’m back whether you like it or not so tough biscuits. I have no idea how long it’s been since I last posted and for the few (2) people who were actually reading this blog on a regular basis, I’m sorry I went AWOL. I had no intention of taking a random and unannounced hiatus but it happened and I’m back now and my blog has a new look do ya like it?!?

It’s just that schools been a major pain in the butt. Like seriously, there’s so much work. Is this what adulthood feels like? Cuz let me tell you, no me gusta. Also it’s friggin cold as shiitake mushrooms up in here. Chicago weather is just…poop. It’s cold, and it’s cold, and it’s windy and it’s cold and I hate it.

Speaking of cold…

I am OBSESSED with the movie Frozen.  Have you seen it? If you haven’t seen it you should see it because its amazing and awesome and amazing and all the things here see for yourself:

The soundtrack is amazing, the animation is amazing, the characters are amazing, the little innuendos are hilarious and the whole movie is just beautiful. And the message about the bond between sisters is really nice too. So go see it.

Other life update type information:

TheTipsyElephant and I had a little valentine’s date and it was fun and stuff. She gave me an awesome card and I made chicken pot pie and forced to her make biscuits and it was stressful and awesome and we pretended sparkling juice was wine and we got drunk on happiness and fun times and it was all good. Except we had a “no gift” rule and she totally spent too much money on me anyways.

And in unrelated but equally random news, my parents decided that my bathroom needed to get remodeled so now there are four people using one bathroom for a week and it’s not fun and there are random people in my house destroying my bathroom and I hate it.

Also: I’m gonna try very hard to get back into a regular blog schedule. I haven’t done a proper “moral of the story” in forever. AND I’m still totally open to guest blogs if anyone is interested. Lemme know. Please. Pretty please.


  1. Good to have you back!! I might have missed you…somewhere…although I haven’t been on wordpress since 8 months 😛 Cool layout! I think I liked the previous layout, it was more colorful xD


  2. Hey there. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I read so many things and be like ‘Wow, thats so me!’. In short- yes, I’m awkward, yes, I’m desi and yes, I’m muslim!
    I’d love to know more about you.


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