Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

You guys! My blog is a whole year old! (it’s a widdle baybee)

This is just crazy. I remember making my blog and publishing my first post and it all feels so recent. It was a friday, the last day of school before spring break, and for some reason I had decided that blogging was officially a cool, totally non-dorky way to chronicle my life. So I wrote a few posts and hit publish, and now, one year later, we’re here.

I know my blog is nothing special, and it’s definitely not the most popular blog on wordpress, and when I look back at old posts I find way more typos than I’d like, but I’m proud of this blog. I like this blog. I never thought I’d get anywhere near 200 hits per day, much less ten. And I never thought I’d have so many people commenting on my blog telling me how much they can relate. I know I really really suck at replying to comments, but I read ALL of them. And every one of them makes me smile (Even the haters. Haters are hilarious).

This is kinda insane, really. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve never been able to finish a full story. I can plan out an entire plot from beginning to end and get bored after three pages and abandon the entire thing, but somehow I’ve managed to keep going with this. The fact that I’ve been somewhat consistent is even more unbelievable. Blogging is different, I guess. I like the instant feedback. I like reading people’s comments and watching the stats fluctuate between posts and I like having a place to keep my thoughts and be silly and laugh at how absurd life is sometimes. And I like that some of you laugh with me.

So…this is the part where I awkwardly thank my readers  (all two of you). I have no idea how many of you actually keep up with my blog, but to the few who do, thank you. You’re awesome. Oh hell, you’re all awesome. Even if you’re new here, I think you’re awesome and we should be friends and you should hit that follow button (at your own risk). So thank you, awkward muslim girls of the world, and maybe just awkward girls in general (and awkward dudebros?). Ya’ll are a bunch of really cool mother huggers. I look forward to another years of spamming you with awkward snapshots of my life.

Moral of the story: Never, ever ask me to make any sort of acceptance speech because it will be awful.

11 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  1. Great job for making it through a whole year! I know that most bloggers can’t make it past a few months. *cough cough* But personally I like commenting a whole lot better than blogging itself.


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