My Awkwardness

The time some dude liked my eyes

Last semester there was a real creepy dude in my biology class, and he told me the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard. I thought he was just a harmless little foreign kid who knew I was way out of his league, but noooooo, he went for it anyway.

Every day after class he’d follow me out of the room and sit with me while I waited for my ride.  It was annoying to say the least, but I dont have a ton of experience rejecting guys, and up until then he hadn’t done anything too weird. Except one time he stopped me on my way out of the building and gave me cookies. That was awkward. But I just dealt with it because I didnt want to be a meanie.

And then one day he works up the nerve to ask me if the ring I wear on my right hand every day is a “couple’s ring”. Its not. It was my grandmother’s ring. And I told him that. And I regret telling him that because I could have avoided this entire situation by lying and saying I have a boyfriend. And so we end up sitting together and waiting for my ride, and he’s trying to talk to me and I’m trying to drop hints that im not interested but he’s oblivious because he’s an idiot. Also he has an accent and I cant understand half the things he says.
And then he says this:

I was almost late to class today because there were cops outside the building. I know why they were here. They were here because of you.  Cuz you took the stars, and put them in your eyes. I like your eyes.

Um…what? ???

How long was he working on that one? I not-so-politely told him I wasn’t interested,  and then walked away from him as fast as I could.  Then I spent the next few weeks ignoring him. I even switched lab partners so I wouldn’t have to sit with him. And then one day, out of the blue, he follows me out of the building.  I had strategically left the room after him, waited to see which way he turned, and then went the opposite way. I got about ten steps out of the building,  relieved that I escaped him, before he called my name.

By now I was just really angry. He wasn’t very nice when I rejected him, he couldn’t take a hint that I didn’t want to be friends,  and he followed me??? So… I yelled at him. It was kinda bad. He looked scared. But he totally deserved it.

Anyway,  I just ran into him in the hallway. He smiled at me and tried to talk to me as if we were friends, and me, being the well adjusted and socially capable person I am, fast walked past him and yelled “I’M LATE FOR CLASS BYE.”

Moral of the story: dont flirt with me, I will yell at you.

One thought on “The time some dude liked my eyes

  1. Holy freaking lol !!!.I can’t believe people still use lines like that. The guys sounds like he stood in front of the mirror that morning to rehearse them.


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