We’re Official!

I bought the domain “awkwardmuslimgirl.com.” I don’t know why, but I did, and here we are. Its all mine now. I’m too possessive for my own good. And really, I have no business spending money on a domain for a website that I hardly use. But I’ve spent more on things I’ve used even less, so this can’t be my worst purchase ever. (No seriously, I bought a pleather jacket once. As if I can even pull that off.)

I’m hoping now that I’ve spent money on this thing, I’ll feel more compelled to update it regularly. I’ve realized that I have a terrible memory, and this is a great way to keep track of things that happened in my life…maybe. Probably not, but I’ve been trying to get myself to write more. But also, I’d like to write posts with more substance to them, you know? I was cleaning up this blog and looking back at all the complete garbage I used to post, and it was so embarrassing. It didn’t even make any sense. It was all stupid memes and poor grammar and I realized I use the word “honestly” way too much. I need to stop that.

I stopped blogging for a long time because I was working through some personal stuff, some of which I’d actually like to write about on here later. But I’ve really missed it. It’s nice to have a place to collect your thoughts. It’s nice to pretend someone is listening. And writing feels so natural to me.I started out creative writing when I was a little kid, and somehow it led me to this. It’s something I’ve just always done. Even during all that time I never posted anything, I kept coming back here and writing long drafts of thoughts that couldn’t come out right. Maybe next time I’ll just hit post.

2 thoughts on “We’re Official!

  1. Great!!
    You have no idea how finding your blog helped me in 2014. I was dealing with some intense personal stuff and the humor and stories i read here helped me getaway from them albeit for a while.

    And I don’t know if you’ve noticed. but I’m always here, reading and commenting. You don’t have to worry if someone’s listening or reading, because I am and will always be. In shaa Allah.

    I am like your die hard fan. I have developed a sentimental attachment to your blog. I’m pretty sure in some alternate universe out there somewhere, there’s a version of me with a ‘team awkward Muslim girl’ T-shirt. lol

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