About Me

I’m an awkward Muslim desi girl trying to survive my last year of high school college adulthood and make it in the real world. I’m still alive, so I think I’m doing pretty well at it. Let’s hope the real world doesn’t kill me.

I’m just blogging my life lessons (read: mistakes), as they happen. Sometimes I get full of myself and think I’m qualified to give you advice. I hope my misfortunes make you laugh.


My friend said this to me the other day and I took it as a compliment:

You have a way of voicing opinions I didn’t know I had.

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. CASTING NATIONWIDE: MAJOR CABLE NETWORK! Hi Desi, GoGo Luckey is casting for women who are strong believers in their faith. Does this sound like you or someone you know? We want to hear story! Ages (20-30). Please email: [email protected]


  2. I really like ur blog! A lot of people [including my mum] would say ur blog is haram. Cause you like songs and stuff. I like Harry Potter a LOT even though magic is haram, but it’s not like i believe it or something, is it?!
    Some people [like my mum’s friend] need to mind their own beez wax! Look after ur own kids before u shout a t others!!


  3. Girl you sound like loads of fun, enigmatic though, not sure about that. But it’s nice to find a fellow sarcastic, cause I’m the Queen of sarcasm, we can be friends…let’s be friends..what say you? ^_^


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