Things that bother me

Does My Disinterest in Sex Offend You?

In my Gender and Women’s Studies class, we were discussing the topic of sex tourism. This girl was explaining the concept to me very politely, while her male friend sat between us and listened. If you are unfamiliar with sex tourism, it is commodification of having a sexual experience with an “exotic” partner. Sorta. Basically… Continue reading Does My Disinterest in Sex Offend You?

Things that bother me

A Confused Muslim’s View of Easter

I have never understood Christian holidays. Especially since everything has become a gift-giving holiday, but nothing confuses me more than Easter. If someone would be kind enough to explain it to me, I’d be more than happy to listen. But for now, here’s what I just don’t understand. Jesus “died for our sins” on the… Continue reading A Confused Muslim’s View of Easter

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Expectations Versus Reality: College

I survived my first week of college, but I totally wasn’t prepared for it. EXPECTATION: I’m gonna make so many friends! REALITY: I eat lunch alone every day. Not a single person has spoken to me all week. I’ve also found that I have zero interest in making friends with these idiots. EXPECTATION: I’m gonna… Continue reading Expectations Versus Reality: College