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Expectations Versus Reality: College

I survived my first week of college, but I totally wasn’t prepared for it. EXPECTATION: I’m gonna make so many friends! REALITY: I eat lunch alone every day. Not a single person has spoken to me all week. I’ve also found that I have zero interest in making friends with these idiots. EXPECTATION: I’m gonna… Continue reading Expectations Versus Reality: College

Things that bother me

Atheists Are Sensitive And Believers Are Obnoxious

Pretty much. This has just been something that I never understood. I mean, I totally understand defending your beliefs whether you believe that there is or there isn’t a God, but…people get so worked up about it. And really, they’re arguing about nothing. Its pointless because neither side is going to change their mind. But… Continue reading Atheists Are Sensitive And Believers Are Obnoxious


You’re A Bad Muslim (JK. I still love you)

DISCLAIMER: MAJOR RELIGIOUS/OPINIONATED BLOG POST AHEAD. I feel like my posts are getting depressing and too serious lately. Maybe that’s just a reflection of my life. Or the world in general. Either way, I have more serious-type things to talk to you about. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but WordPress (The site… Continue reading You’re A Bad Muslim (JK. I still love you)