My Awkwardness

Cake pops are Haram

Um…my cake pops look like they have nipples. This is an issue.

No, seriously. Does anyone else have this problem? I didn’t make them the old fashion way with the icing and all that jazz. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

My mom bought us this cakepop tray so we could bake them in the shape of a ball.


…as you can see, it didn’t turn out too well. This only our second time using it, so I’m hoping we’re just doing something wrong. The first time we used it was a disaster. My little cousin came over and we decided it would be fun to bake something with her. First of all, we made a huge mess trying to pour the damn batter into the pan. Second, they exploded out of the top of the pan.

And they looked like boobs. It was worse cuz we used yellow cake that time…I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Anyway, my sister pulled the lid off of the pan and VIOLA! Cake boobs! Naturally, we burst into laughter. And so did my little cousin. Mind you, she was like, seven years old, so I have no idea what the hell she was laughing at. I mean really, I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what real boobs looked like until I was ten…this blog is getting disgusting and I apologize.

The point is, it happened again. And then when my mom saw my sister and I laughing our butts off in the kitchen, of course she asked what we were laughing at. Nothing, mom. Nothing at all. It was even worse when my dad walked into the kitchen and asked if he could eat one.

Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening? I rather not get caught making pornographic desert next weekend.
Finished product:


Moral of the story: Always make cake pops the old fashion way.

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