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Too Sexy For Saudi


Do you see this man, ladies and gentlemen? This man is apparently the most handsome man in Saudi. So handsome, in fact, that he is being deported. *insert Mckayla Maroney face here.* For those of you who haven’t already heard, three men are being deported from Saudi Arabia because they are “too good looking.” Um…okay. That’s cool. And it totally makes sense cuz only these three men look like this. I mean, it’s not like there are any other tan, bearded, turban-wearing, camel-riding men in Saudi. -_-

I’m just kidding. (I’m not racist! I swear!)

Click here to read “Omar Borkan Al Gala: Is this the man who is ‘too sexy’ for Saudi Arabia?” by Rob Williams.

The real problem here is the author of this article. Read it. Trust me, you will laugh. It’s absurd, really. Williams points out that the men were deported because authorities were afraid that women will fall for them just by looking at them. But I think they need to worry a little less about the girls falling for them, and a little more about Rob Williams falling for them. He opens the article by writing about Al Gala’s “dreamy brown eyes, smouldering good looks and chiseled features.” If you ask me, this dude’s got a man-crush. Hard. He goes on to call him “illegally handsome” and concludes by once again referring to him as “smoldering.”

But in all seriousness, WTF?!

It is highly unlikely that women will be so attracted to these men that…I’m sorry, what exactly are they afraid these girls will do? I don’t care how good looking this dude is, it’s not like they’re going to give in to the temptation of PDA, or go… run after him or some stupid thing like that. And if they’re simply trying to stop the attraction itself, well that’s stupid too. (I mean really, how many of us actually obey the lower your gaze rule?) The problem is that attraction is subjective. I mean, he may be handsome, but he’s no Prophet Yusuf (AS). Am I right or am I right? I’m right. #MuslimJokes (That’s not disrespectful is it? Am I gonna go to hell now? Oops.)

Anyway, maybe not all women are attracted to these dudes (le gasp!). And even then, what about all the other subjectively attractive males out there? What are they gonna do about them? If you’re going to deport three guys out of a population of nearly 29 million people… *slow claps* Nice going, Saudi Arabia. Way to make a dent.

Seriously, can someone please make a meme for this dude? Here’s my fail attempt:


Moral of the story: Be grateful, ladies. Burqas keep you from getting deported.

4 thoughts on “Too Sexy For Saudi

  1. Lol that isn’t fair but he is kinda cute. Maybe the others are just jealous cuz the ladies think he’s the ideal man(he’s a really good poet I think plus he’s got the looks) so they’re scared they’ll only marry guys like him


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