Indians on the Internet Part 2

They’re at it again.

Allow me to add yet another site to the list of social networks that have been ruined by brown people: Ask.fm.

I’m pretty sure this site died during my freshman year of highschool (I’ve been a highschool graduate for all of two months and I’m already acting like its been years #AlumniStatus) but now its mysteriously resurrected its sorry butt.  Strangely enough the only people who seem to be using it are desi girls.

Side note: is Facebook dying? I don’t really use it anymore and only brown people post on that too.


Ask.fm automatically tweets/posts all your responses, so my timeline has been flooded with stupid brown girls trying to be witty and sassy and failing miserably at it. And there is nothing more annoying than a desperate little brown girl tweeting her link every three hours saying “ask me something.”

Sure I’ll ask you something. I’ll ask you to STAHP.

On the flip side, the guarantee of anonymity creates endless opportunities for trolling. After Ramadan is over, of course. So for now…here’s my link if you wanna ask me something 😉 :


Just wait. I’ll get like, zero questions….if you have any respect for my self esteem and dignity you will click that link (fellow trolls allowed). Mkay? Thanks.

Moral of the story: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

3 thoughts on “Indians on the Internet Part 2

  1. hahaha! most questions people ask on ask.fm is about marriage and dating. so weird. on the other hand its good that u can chose which to answer. i get normal, serious questions most of the time…so its cool.

    huh i havnt heard of ask.fm till this year thanks to twitter. maybe im slow


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