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So, like a week ago, I ordered a chalkboard on amazon, and I forgot to blog about it. And yes, I am a seventeen year old girl and I have a chalkboard in my room.



For anyone who’s interested, here’s how I did it:

I really wanted to paint my whole wall with chalkboard paint, but my mommy said no, so I found an alternative. There’s this great stuff called chalkboard contact paper. Its basically a decal. I had my doubts about it at first, but it actually worked pretty well. It cost around ten bucks for a 6’x18″ roll.


I was kinda bummed when I first saw it because it does not look like a chalkboard at all. The coating is pretty shiny, so I didn’t think it would work properly, but its just as good as the real thing. You can cut them down to size if you want, but I just stacked one on top of the other so I had a 6’x3′ chalkboard. It was pretty easy to apply, too, and mind you, I was fasting when I put it together and I still didn’t get frustrated. My mom was worried that it’d ruin the walls, but if you want to take it down or re-place it somewhere else it comes off without a problem.

And before you judge me, I’m sure its gonna come in handy when I’m studying for midterms or…stuff. And of course, its always a great way to entertain little kids at parties (or myself).

A very awkward snapshot of the corner of my bedroom. (Excuse the messy bookshelf)

So…yeah. This is about as creative as I ever get, so if you didn’t like this post, there probably won’t be any more like it.


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