Ramadan Reflection


Its almost over! Well, it pretty much is over. And now is the part where you look back at the month and reflect on how great it went.

Well…my Ramadan didn’t actually go too great. I don’t know what happened. Part of me wants to blame it on the fact that Ramadan was in the middle of summer and I was hot and tired, and I just finished school so I was lazy and wanted to just relax. The more rational part of me wants to blame it on myself.

I did not do good this month. I mean, yeah, I fasted and I prayed and I read Quran, but I didn’t get anything out of it. I didn’t look into the meaning of what I was reading, or focus when I prayed, or think about God as much as I should have. Or thank God as much as I should have. I didn’t get what I wanted out of this month. It went by too quickly. I wanted learn more about my religion, and get closer to Allah, and form good habits. I don’t feel like I did any of that. The worst part is that yesterday my dad was telling me about how people who are given the chance to live through another Ramadan and don’t take advantage of it are cursed. The whole time I was sitting there thinking “Why couldn’t you have told me this at the beginning of the month?!”

But aside from my own internal struggles, it just didn’t feel like it was Ramadan. I’d turn on the TV and see so many horrible things happening in the world, or I’d go online and see people (Muslims) talking about Ramadan one minute, and the as soon as they break their fast they’re quoting song lyrics and talking about boys or girls or worse….subtweeting. I just, I feel like no one was in the Ramadan spirit. Even at home everyone was fighting and yelling and stressing out over little things.

My mom made it seem like she basically expected me to sit in my room and read Quran for five hours straight, which I didn’t do because I just don’t have the attention span for that. But I feel like everyone was missing the point of the whole month. Yeah, we fast and pray and learn to be grateful for what Allah has given us, but we’re supposed to grateful for more than food God has given us, or the roof He has put over our heads. I feel like people forget to be grateful for each other. And they forget that being a Ramadan doesn’t just mean fasting and praying and giving to charity.

Ramadan means you are being kind and generous and humble and thankful and helpful and polite and…where am I going with this? I don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it kinda felt like everyone was going through the motions of Ramadan but no one really gave it any thought. I don’t want it to be like that next time.

Moral of the story: There’s always next year. So don’t screw up or else you’ll be cursed.

7 thoughts on “Ramadan Reflection

  1. sorry, i am, like, pretty late on reading your blog, but i totally agree with EVERYTHING you said. you know, i try to be a good muslim, wearing a hajab and skirt, and blah blah blah, but i would always SUCK on fasting. last ramadan, i said, “I am totally going to fast the whole thirty or so days..”
    On the first day, i almost died of hunger, exposure to imminent amounts of sun, and a heat stroke.
    it was a STRUGGLE. Since i live in Minnesota, people are always going to the cute little coffee shops or getting delicious deserts, and when i passed by them, i was drooling like a feral animal.
    i only fasted two days. TWO DAYS! i felt like a failure ’cause i saw a nine year old girl’s mom say, “wow, i’m so proud of her, she fasted the whole Ramadan!” Oh well, i’ll try soo much harder next Ramadan, hopefully…..


  2. “Ramadan means you are being kind and generous and humble and thankful and helpful and polite”

    love this. totally agree.
    people missed out on this everyday, not just Ramadan- but it is a good time to start.
    IA next year! Do your best and Allah will reward your effort 🙂
    Eid muabrak !


  3. No, don’t listen to that. You are not cursed because you didn’t fulfill your expectations of Ramadan. Just because Ramadan is over doesn’t mean you stop striving to fulfill those same expectations do you? Whatever you wanted to achieve this Ramadan, you have all these months to fulfill them and as the next Ramadan approaches, you will have fulfilled those same goals, expectations you had in mind and only get better. You don’t stop learning about Islam because the holiest month has past or you are rewarded more. Who knows, the more you strive after Ramadan makes you a better person, you come closer to Allah SWT and you may even teach people about Islam which others may have not known about. Always be positive with how you think in the present, so it’ll prepare you for your future. A lot of people put a stop to a lot of things after Ramadan only to lose all the benefit and work they’ve put forward. It’s like getting a job and within a month of getting the job, you stop working the way you used to work. You stop striving for a better position in the company and you are only miserable being stuck in the same place. Keep on striving even after Ramadan so you don’t have to worry about I missed this and I missed that. You didn’t miss nothing. You only think you missed so much, when in reality you missed nothing because you’ve been blessed to live another day. So whatever you are able to learn even after Ramadan will be beneficial for you, insha’Allah. Don’t stop walking towards the straight path. Don’t stop walking towards Allah SWT. Don’t stop learning the religion which will enter you in jannah, insha’Allah. Your work is only done when your time is called to meet Allah SWT. As of today, you have today, tomorrow and insha’Allah more days to come. Take advantage of them.


    1. Damn. That was deep. Thank you. That actually made me feel a lot better. But I guess the thing is that people put so much emphasis on this month, and it feels like you’re supposed to make the most improvement this month. You’re right, though. I should focus on where I go from here. Thanks for reading!
      P.s. I was being sarcastic about the whole “cursed” thing. I mean, its a real hadith thing about Jibreel (AS) cursed those who didn’t utilize the month to secure their place in jannah or something, but I was just making a joke….but still thanks. Erm…this is me being awkward. …k bye


      1. Your welcome. Being a Muslim is about being positive, so I just do my best to spread the positivity to others. Your welcome. Just continue to strive. Road blocks will always be there. People will always talk. It’s how you want to end your story. End it well … insha’Allah! It’s alright, be awkward, just be yourself. As long as your happy with yourself, that is all that matters.


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