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Smart People are Really Stupid

Why is it that the people who have straight A’s and are super “book smart” never have any real brains? I know tons of people who claim to have a 4.0 yet they still seem like they’re idiots. The world lacks common sense. Why isn’t there a deductive reasoning portion of the ACT/SAT? I would do awesome on that. All the “smart” people seem to lack “street smarts.” They don’t understand people, or common courtesy, or basic problem solving skills.

I’m definitely not the smartest person ever, but I like to think I’m…worldly. I understand shit. Book smart people don’t understand shit. And I feel like hardly anyone my age even pays attention to the news anymore. I can’t have an intelligent conversation with anyone these days. I only have this problem with my generation, really, but still. I feel like people are becoming more oblivious to the world around them. And to be honest, I find it more than a little annoying when I can’t use “big words” around certain, supposedly smart people, but maybe that’s just me being bitchy. Although, I prefer to think that’s just them being stupid.

What really bugs me is when I find out they’ve never heard common idioms. I’m a dork so I use a lot of idioms in everyday conversation. But not super obscure ones or anything, and even then, any sane person could take an educated guess as to what it means. I’m still bothered by the fact that one time in seventh grade, this chick told me she never heard of the expression “Curiosity killed the cat.” Like, are you serious? How can you go thirteen years without ever hearing that expression? And even then, shouldn’t you be able to infer what it means?

Either way, I’m starting to figure out that common sense isn’t very common. It’s quite depressing, actually. The idiots of today are the world leaders of tomorrow. The whole world is going to hell in a handbag. (That was an idiom. I hope you know what it means. And if not, pretend you do and then google it.)

Moral of the story: peeple r dum.

2 thoughts on “Smart People are Really Stupid

  1. Well some idioms make sense only to the British like: carrying coal to Newcastle. And some only to Americans like: you hit that one out of the park. And some only to Indians like: please revert back to me at your earliest convenience. Now which of these 3 groups do you think is the dummest? 🙂


    1. Well now you’re just twisting my words around. At the very least, one should be able to infer the meaning. This girl was book smart enough to go to the elite private school for above average students, but she’s also the type of airheaded teenage girl who you cant hold an intelligent conversation with. Forget phrases between countries. American girl, american phrase. And for the record, Americans are idiots. But to be fair, everyone is a different kind of dumb.


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