My Awkwardness

Netflix Ruined My Life

My name is Awkward Muslim Girl, and I’m addicted to Netflix.

There. I said it. Gah.

Seriously though, I think I have a real problem. I’ve been staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching some stupid show that I don’t even like just because its right there. I feel like that’s all I do anymore. I sit at home, and I watch Netflix. Thank God school is starting soon. Maybe I’ll actually do something productive with my time.


Its just so freaking addictive. I don’t even watch TV anymore. Just internet. I watch the internet. And I spend the whole day doing it. I find a new show to watch, and then I feel obligated to watch every single episode of that show. And until I finish the series, I’m preoccupied with looking up spoilers and thinking about the next time I can sneak into my room and watch my stupid TV show in private. I sound like a legit addict. Eff.


But I don’t care. Who needs friends when you have 8 seasons of Weeds at your fingertips? (Please don’t judge me.) Or better yet, 8 seasons of Charmed. Or 4 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And don’t even get me started on the Indian movies!

I haven't reached this stage yet, but I'm sure ill get there soon enough

But no matter how comforting the ability to stream TV shows at the push of a button may be, at the end of the day (which, more recently has become 5am) I always end up feeling like this cat…


Moral of the story: Netflix is mostly porn. I found this out the awkward way.

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