The simple things that we never make time for.

take two

As I blog this, I would like to say it’s 3:01 am and my thoughts are bouncing off the walls. College is more stressful than I thought it would be but for now, I’m managing. However, in the midst of listening to the upbeat guitar song called Espresso by Govi, I suddenly want to jump out of my skin and do something. Anything. It’s when I realized there will always be things I want to do, no matter how outrageous. So this is my list, and you have been warned since some of these are a bit cliched. But, who doesn’t love a good cliche? Let’s get started:

  • Fall in love, fall in love so badly that it’s hard to even breathe. The suffocating type of love that everyone wants, a love that’s timeless and is told in stories to be the most purest and rarest. I want that type…

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