My Awkwardness

Blogging is hard and my teeth hurt

I was gonna blog about my cousin’s wedding, but then I didn’t.
I was gonna blog about my first day of school, but then I didn’t.
I was gonna blog about my apparent anxiety issues, but then I didn’t.
I was gonna blog about spending the day with my friends, but then I didn’t.

Why? Cuz  I’m tired and lazy and school is poop.

Yesterday I got my braces tightened ( there’s something degrading about being in college and still having braces) and they gave me rubber bands. If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of braces, its this really barbaric, primitive method of moving your teeth with a series of increasingly tight wires, and at some point all hell breaks loose and they tell you “Here! Tie your mouth shut with these things and come back in a month!”

That’s hardly an exaggeration. It says on the pamphlet that you need to wear them 24/7 so they can remold your jaw bone. I can hardly talk with these things. I can’t even open my mouth wide enough to lick my lips and yawning is painful. Eating is completely out of the question for now.

Is having straight teeth even worth this kind of torture? I can’t even smile properly with these things. If you’ve seen my Instagram pictures (pssssst follow me on Instagram @theawkwardmuslimgirl) you can see how weird my lips look. Smiling with my teeth showing makes me look like a crazy person–not that that’s ever stopped me.

But whatever. I’ll get these things off eventually. Maybe. The dentist didn’t actually give me a projected end date…

Moral of the story: if I were you I’d go for invisilign.

One thought on “Blogging is hard and my teeth hurt

  1. Ohmigod, I totally remember the pain I went through with braces – got them off earlier this year … seriously, my time with those retracter plastic thingys were kinda awful because they are such a pain when they snap!!! I often forgot to put them on =__= Anyway, keep up the bloggin’, I love reading every new post. : )


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