My Awkwardness

I got lost in the ghetto…

Is that a derogatory term? Whatever.

Yesterday I was trying to get home after class so I was trying to find a bus that will get me to the train station. I will not bore you with details but I got on the wrong bus going in the opposite direction because I’m a friggin idiot. So after five minutes of wondering if I’m on the wrong bus, I decide to get off.

At this point I’m on the edge of the shady part of town, and I don’t know where I’m going. So I whip out google maps (I hate google maps) and it tells me to walk to a bus stop. What Google maps fails to convey to me is which side of the street the bus stop is on. There were two stops for the same bus going in different directions and because I’m a dummy I hop on the wrong bus because I’m confused and fed up and I don’t wanna be standing in the shady part of town alone. (And this weird dude kept staring at me) So I’m on this SECOND bus going in the wrong direction, but I don’t do anything about it because my brain is like “well this is clearly wrong, but let’s just sit here for a while and see where it goes.”

And that, kids, is how I ended up in the not-so-safe part of Chicago.

I honestly thought I had gotten so lost that I’d have to call my mom to pick me up. And I was convinced that I was about to get mugged. I did two really stupid things: I had my wallet out, and I had my phone out. In hindsight I probably looked like an easy target. Also, I do not look like an almost-nineteen-year-old girl. I look twelve at most. Just imagine little 5’2″ me, lost in the middle of the bad part of town wearing an oversized hoodie and spiderman shirt. Easy. Target. Luckily it was daytime and there was hardly anyone around.

When I realized where the bus was headed I literally ran out of it, then proceeded to freak out because an old homeless woman with a shopping cart was approaching me from the left and I could not handle a little old lady with no teeth asking me for my last dollar. So I crossed the street as quickly as I could and Alhamdulillah the bus stop for the right bus was right there.  And then I went to the train station and spent a half hour questioning whether I had gotten on the right train or not. But don’t worry, I made it home eventually.

Moral of the story: public transportation is the bane of my existence.

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