baby can’t you see, I’m falling —

You put the thing in words

take two

toxic – melanie martinez

It’s only been three weeks into the school year and I already feel like this. This isn’t a good feeling, it’s more of a someone has filled my lungs with water and I’m suffocating feeling. I’ve been noticing this trend a lot, whether it be with friends that are planning to go to med school / grad school / law school / generally get a job. I’ve been present to this overwhelming feeling and recently my motto for the past week has been:

being an adult is hard.

My suite mate asked me a few days ago, “do you ever feel anxious.. all the time?”

And it took a while to realize what she meant… anxious about the future but also carrying the weight of personal factors on your shoulder. Anxious about success and competition. Anxious about relationships. Anxious about beauty and physique. Anxious about being…

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