Things that bother me

This is very upsetting.

I was going to tell you about the creepy guy from my biology class, and also maybe rant about the new twilight book, but that can all wait.

Look at this purse. Isn’t it beautiful? I found it online a couple days ago, and when I saw it for 50% off i fell in love with it. But, as any smart young woman must do before falling in love, I did my research. I made sure it was exactly what i wanted. I made sure it had no flaws (of course its flawless. Look how pure and white it is!). And I went to Macy’s, and checked out the bag in gray (they didn’t have white, and it definitely wasn’t half price) so I could decide if its the right size and color. And it was. And then I come home, confident in my decision, and enjoy a plate of nachos, deciding that I’ll order the bag later tonight.

As I ate dinner with my sister, we watched a crappy Indian horror film– Creature 3D. It wasn’t scary. In fact, I thought it was hilarious. Little did I know, the real horror was yet to come. Halfway through the movie, I remembered that I hadn’t ordered my purse, and it was getting late. I excitedly grabbed my wallet and my laptop and ran back downstairs before Bipasha Basu let the Creature eat another one of her boyfriends. I pulled up the Michael Kors website on my browser, and with the chorus of a thousand angels playing in the background I clicked “Add to Cart.”

Except it wasn’t a thousand angels. It was the sound Bipasha Basu screaming and running away from a poorly-made CGI swamp monster. And the bag did not get added to my cart. Instead, I get a heart breaking error message: “This Item is out of stock.”

I’ve gone through all five stages of grief in the course of one hour.

I’ve accepted my fate, though. Maybe I just wasn’t meant to get such an amazing deal on such an amazing purse. And maybe, even though I think it’s flawless and shiny and perfect, and even though I love it so much, there’s a reason I’m not supposed to have it. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to make such a rash decision after just 24 hours. Maybe I’m supposed to hold out for “the one”. Or maybe I’ve just missed my chance. I waited too long, and let a great opportunity pass me by.

Oh well. I still have half an order of nachos to console me.

Moral of the story: Just buy it. Whatever it is, just buy it right now. Do it.

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