Ramadan Superlatives

I was never voted “Most likely to-” anything in high school, but I always liked the concept of superlatives. About a week ago the thought popped into my head that it’d be pretty funny to do for Ramadan.

Every year we all fall into our own patterns. I will admit, I’m most likely to sleep all day. (And by default, most likely to stay up all night.) My sister is most likely to eat her entire suhoor in the 60 seconds before Fajr. Mom is most likely to use Ramadan as a diet plan. Dad is most likely to accidentally ask what’s for lunch. I thought it might be funny to actually hand these out to them on Eid. (Yes I did make printable certificates, did you really expect any less from me?)


I even made a blank one in case you come up with your own. I think this would be really funny to give to your friends or kids along with an Eid gift. Or you know, if you were a nice mom you could make a proper one to recognize your kid’s hard work. But as an adult, I prefer to use this as an opportunity to make fun of people.

(click any of the certificates to download a pdf)



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