There’s no Such Thing as Privacy

I have a really old facebook account that I stopped using and deactivated years ago, but somehow my Instagram is still linked to it and suggests people from Facebook. They’re not linked, and my facebook is deactivated, so I have no idea how that works.

I thought if I deleted my account it might solve the problem, but when i tried to log in, it told me my account was locked due to security concerns. Okay, no problem. How do I unlock it? Security question? Date of birth? Verification code?

No. They want me to verify my identity by sending in A COPY OF MY PHOTO ID. No, Facebook, I am not giving you my driver’s license, or passport, or any other official documents.

They only other way to regain access is to ask 3 people who are friends with you to click a link and give you an access code, except Facebook gives you a random list of people to choose from. And when I say random, I mean my ex best friend, my mom’s uncle, and some dude from my 11th grade physics class. Yeah, not gonna happen.

I just want to delete my damn account. I blame all the catfish for this. But since when is a Facebook account so important that you need government issued identification to access it? Ugh. It’s not worth it. Plus, my name on Facebook doesn’t even match my ID. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even use my real birthday to sign up. A lot of people said they sent in their ID and never got a response, so their information is just floating around out there.

The annoying thing is that Facebook owns Instagram, so who knows what weird, invasive security measures they’ll take next.

Nothing is as bad as google though.

Just last week my sister was showing me a jacket she got in the mail. She mentioned the store name, Six02 (never heard of them) and I said “oh, adidas. Cool.”

Thirty minutes later, I’m scrolling through tumblr and I get an ad for the exact jacket from the exact same store she ordered it from. My phone was listening to us.

I don’t mind that it got the store right, or the jacket brand. I was half expecting that to happen anyway. I get ads for things I’ve talked about out loud all the time. But to pinpoint the exact jacket was a little creepier than I’m comfortable with. Like, can’t you at least try to be subtle, Google?

Google already knows where we live, and it offers my dad ETAs for his commute home from work because it knows when he leaves every day. Fine, whatever. But I can only assume since google recognizes we all live in the same house, they’re beginning to suggest us things from each other’s search or purchase history. If not that, they were able to take clues from listening to our conversation, and then look up the item that was shipped to our house. It’s all creepy either way.

We got a free Amazon Echo Dot with purchase a while back and I refused to use the darn thing because you they’re just listening to you all day. It’s ridiculous. All in the name of trying to sell you something. I can’t imagine they’re difficult to hack, either.

I think it’s a little suspicious that they’re just giving them away for free. They’re trying to force it on us. Listen man, we’re about 3 years away from the movie Her becoming a reality. One day all the AIs are going to start thinking for themselves, realize humans are idiots, and leave us all to go frolic in some hive mind in the deep recesses of the internet.

Good riddance. I don’t want anything to do with them anyway.

Moral of the story: One of my biggest fears in life is robots taking over the world and I really hope I’m not around long enough to see that happen.

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